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About the classified advertisement website WITATA is a free registering and posting classified advertisement website developed using Microsoft technology. Its advertisement categories include restaurants, houses, jobs, services and trading. And any user who advertises on the website is basically free. All advertisements can be forwarded on social media such as WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and etc., and it is easy to spread your information and appeals. Users only need to register by e-mail on this website, enter the name of their country, state, province or municipality and the language of their choice, and enter their own city and district name. At present, we only have Canada and the United States to increase business or service exchanges in different countries. If necessary, we can consider adding other countries. Due to language limitations, we currently only have Chinese and English ads. If the business has new requirements, we can consider adding other languages ​​such as Japanese. Our advertising also has different scopes for different countries' legal licenses. For example, selling alcohol and tobacco online in China is no problem, but it is illegal in the United States and Canada, so we only have alcohol and tobacco in China's advertising types. advertising. We are also very grateful to our users for their support and we have the opportunity to serve you. If you have any requests or complaints about our website, please contact us, our aim is to meet the requirements of our users as much as possible. Thank you!
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